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As seen on TV!

Another successful pitch!!

Glazesafe takes home not
1 but 2 investments
from Dragons!!

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- Uses the Stronghold to repair 700 windows on 5 x 24 storey buildings!

- Wins a 7 Year contract!

- Saves £2m plus on scaffold costs!!

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- Saves £100000 on scaffold in 3 months!

- Then saves a further £77000 on scaffold on a single project!

- Winning them a £1m Install contract with a Local Authority!

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- Won a contract to install windows on 10 floor YMCA building

- All operatives, tenants and the Client were impressed with
the safe systems of work!

- Saved an estimated £20000 on scaffold and reduced job
completion times!

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We pride ourselves on the simplicity, effectiveness and
premium quality of our unique products, which not only
allow companies to increase efficiency and save money
on access equipment but most of all increase the safety
of their work force.
Glazesafe Ltd design and supply innovative safety solutions
to the glazing and construction industries. Our multi-award
winning, industry recommended products are used by
individuals through to large organisations, from here in
Great Britain and as far afield as Australia.
No more scaffold.
Mobile Anchor Point / Barrier System
With the light weight and robust Stronghold®
LIFT and FOLD AWAY workers can operate
safely and securely around open window
spaces, lift shafts and other types of
apertures, at any height.
slider1 sashmate enables one window fitter to carry out repairs quickly and cheaply.
sashmate is easy to use, durable and reduces the fitting of a sash by one fitter
to less than 5 minutes!
simpler. safer.
sorted. sashmate.
Our most popular products
Tophung Sidehung Stronghold

Welcome to Glazesafe!

Home of the Multi Award Winning and Industry recommended Sashmate and Stronghold

Building a safer future for construction industry workers by designing innovative Work at Height equipment:

  • Working alone with the impossible task of replacing hinges or a glass unit on a large externally glazed window, above first floor?
  • Battling rusty screws or spinning pop rivet hinge fixings and almost dropped or worse, actually dropped a window sash?
  • Asking your customer for assistance?
  • Eating into profits by making a return visit?
  • Leaning out of an open window to assist in a repair because ladders were not an option and scaffold was too expensive?
  • Wondering how to work alone safely from inside the building, carrying out repairs to all sized windows in a fraction of the time?

Use the Patented Sashmate® range of tools!

  • Replacing or maintaining windows in a high rise building?
  • Installing, modernising or decommissioning a lift or shaft?
  • Cleaning or maintaining building signage at height?
  • Cleaning windows externally at height?
  • Surveying the external of a high rise building?
  • Carrying out a list of FM projects at height?
  • Searching for a system that will reduce your scaffold costs and inherent safety issues?
  • Trying to find away to work at height where scaffold has been refused?

Use the Patented Stronghold® FOLD AWAY and LIFT Systems!

Daniel Cheddie
Creator of Sashmate® and the Stronghold®

What is Sashmate?

Once you have experienced the simplicity, speed and effectiveness
of Sashmate® , you will never again consider performing a hinge or unit repair without it.
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What is Stronghold?

If you need to reduce your scaffold and access equipment costs whilst maximising the safety of yourself and your workers Glazesafe's NEW Stronghold® is the answer!
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Our Product Range

Browse our fantastic Sashmate® Range featuring Sashmate® Top Hung, Sashmate Side Hung, Top Hung Rolling Bar, Top Hung Drop Set & Telescopic Main Rods. Full Specs listed.
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Media Gallery

Please take a look at our latest videos and image galleries. Ranging from time trials, demonstrations of all our products, tips and tricks, step by step guides and our brochures.
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